Transport connectivity of remote islands: The case of Kastellorizo, Greece

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Petros Zenelis


connectivity, remote islands, air transport, sea transport, Kastellorizo


This paper examines the transportation network and the respective connections of the remote island of Kastellorizo, the eastern Greek island which is located in the southeast Aegean Sea close to the Turkish coast. The accessibility options available in Kastellorizo are studied together with the challenges that residents encounter concerning their mobility demands. The most important factors that are directly related to the transport connectivity of Kastellorizo have to do with its remote location, the satisfactoriness of the existing transportation infrastructure and the economic and political conditions. In this paper, it is observed that the island in question faces significant challenges the most important of which is the insufficiency of the existing infrastructure to satisfy a potential increase in transportation demand to and from Kastellorizo. Specific solutions are suggested for the upgrading of the island’s transportation linkages. These include ideas for increasing the local transportation demand, promoting the island's natural beauty, growing local businesses and sustainable tourism practices and offering incentives to private transportation providers to include Kastellorizo in their routes. The importance of the transportation infrastructure and sustainability for the everyday life of the residents is highlighted in this paper’s conclusions. Future research is needed to further explore in more detail the transportation challenges that remote island communities like Kastellorizo face and recommend targeted solutions that take into account the unique characteristics of the regions in question.


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